Dynamically Recruit, Screen,
  and Accept People That

In an emergency, having the right people on your team minimizes delays and maximizes the effectiveness of prevention, response and mitigation. The StaySAFER Network™ allows you to recruit, confirm and organize the right people without becoming bogged down in paperwork and confusion.

Perhaps these People are within your organization or business neighbors, city leaders, emergency responders, crisis counselors, subject matter experts or others. You probably don't need to contact them daily but when you do need them, your need is serious and immediate. Therefore, it's imperative that you identify and confirm the people you need before you need them.

The StaySAFER Network's on-line registration and multi-dimensional management system offers the greatest opportunity to have the right people available whenever events exceed the norm. These may be formal, informal or volunteer relationships depending on your immediate and/or long term needs, responsibilities and policies.

Additionally, the StaySAFER Network organizes and monitors the listed credentials of participants prepared to offer First Aid/CPR, language and other necessary skills for your diverse community.

Recruit The Right People via:

  • Personal networking
  • Professional presentations
  • Referrals
  • Public notices
  • Website content

Confirm & Accept People Based on:

  • Experience
  • Credentials
  • References
  • Availability
  • Level of Responsibility (local, county, national) etc.

The StaySAFER Network provides the structure for you to recruit, accept and organize the people you have confirmed and accepted into Special Interest Groups (SIGs) that support your Emergency Response Plans, policies and so on. At any time, you may add more people or eliminate those that are no longer needed or have changed circumstances.

Contact YHD Software for additional information about the StaySAFER Network™. We can be reached at 817-589-2200 or request a quote or more information here.