Reports of Unusual, Unethical
  or Suspicious:

The StaySAFER Network™ facilitates the collection, processing, analysis and response to information and intelligence from reports of unusual, unethical or suspicious activities, locations, individuals, vehicles and more. 

Reports may contain intelligence and information about any and all of the following or something else entirely:

  • Activity related to crime, human trafficking, even terrorism.
  • Professional misconduct, fraud or theft in schools, workplaces, government agencies or private organizations.
  • Bullying, hazing, sexual or other harassment at school, work or in your neighborhood.
  • Safety concerns related to facilities maintenance and/or management;
  • Regulatory violations endangering the public, profits or other concerns;
  • Consumer concerns about product and/or service safety; and
  • Whistleblowers concerns about unethical practices, fraud, and more.

Loss of life, permanent disabling injuries, direct and indirect brand damage and exorbitant initial and long term settlement costs are just a few results of not implementing a cohesive system to gather and manage intelligence and information.

The StaySAFER Network interface is customized to reflect your organization and recruit the specific types of intelligence and information within your scope of responsibilities, policies, programs and concerns.

The StaySAFER Network is a force-multiplier that is delivered as a fast, easy and affordable solution to maximize the value of your existing personnel and resources. The StaySAFER Network leverages technology to support and facilitate your safety goals.



#1 - The Concerns
The StaySAFER Network supports the effective gathering, processing, and responding to information and intelligence of unusual, unethical or suspicious activities, locations, individuals, vehicles that are not consistent with normal or usual, that causes the reporter concern, distress or discomfort because it is irregular and/or potentially dangerous.

Reports are collected via a user-friendly web interface that makes it fast and easy to share concerns about activities, people, locations and/or vehicles. Reports are also accepted via phone, text – virtually any connected device. Collecting all the "dots" in one container significantly increases the opportunity to connect them.

#2 - The Congratulations
Good news is an important component of any community policing, employee or student morale program or positive image campaign. StaySAFER gathers information on what the reporter feels like needs recognition including random acts of kindness, an employee or customer who exceeded expectations, an individual who goes above and beyond in the spirit of being a good neighbor. These reports are processed and shared, as appropriate, to build a foundation of courtesy and cooperation.

Review and Analysis

The StaySAFER review and analysis process takes the reported information through several key steps that transform it into actionable intelligence, as appropriate. This process has been vetted and successfully field tested by law enforcement, homeland security, emergency management, and private security professionals at every level. Yet it still remains user-friendly so the process can be maintained even in the heat of an emergency.


Reports are disseminated for monitored action and resolution and/or shared with those who need to know, who need to prevent, who will lead mitigation or, in the case of recognition, acknowledge and award.

Pattern Development

Reports are auto-grouped for rapid identification of trends or patterns within multiple parameters. Additionally, reports are fully searchable by any key word or phrase. Analysts can also dynamically assign reports to their custom groups as threats multiply or situations develop.

Improving Your Process

Each report contains unlimited updates to support revisions as intelligence is refined and updated. Furthermore, each report contains a complete audit trail listing all activity while maintaining the integrity of the initial report. This allows you to review performance and identify areas that should be acknowledged or that may require additional training.


Our team of professionals will periodically review all reports to confirm that correct actions were taken. These professionals include a wide variety of industry experts that understand your challenges as well as laws, regulations and policies. While this feature is included by default, it may be omitted at your request. 

Contact YHD Software for additional information about the StaySAFER Network™. We can be reached at 817-589-2200 or request a quote or more information here.