A SAFER School Campus

Bullying, weapons and assaults CAN be reduced.

  • 37% of students report being bullied at school and/or cyber bullied *
  • 160,000 students skip school every day to avoid their bully **
  • 30% of bullied students said they have brought weapons to school ***
  • 10% of K-12 students are victims of educator sexual misconduct ****
  • 220 school shootings have occurred in the US since 2013 *****

There are many inherent issues within any campus community including bullying / hazing / harassment, professional misconduct, drug use, and athletic vs academic privilege, and so on. When unchecked, each of these issues creates other issues. For example, 60% of 1st to 9th grade bullies were later convicted of at least one crime by age 24, 40% had three or more convictions by age 24.

In the campus environment, witnesses to bullying or educator misconduct, for example, will often not report these issues for fear of retaliation from the perpetrator, their peers or others which may result in damage to the reporter's reputation and career, could cause physical injury or loss of income.

Safer and more secure campuses are everyone's goal. The StaySAFER Network reports can be made anonymously (or not) via the Internet, E-Mail, SMS texts, Social Media or telephone. The StaySAFER Network's Intelligence component, for example, recruits reports of situations that involve unusual, unethical or suspicious activities, locations, individuals, and vehicles.

There are also those individuals and groups on campus, as in every walk of life, that exceed expectations and/or go out of their way to assist and promote individuals and groups by many different means. The StaySAFER Network encourages this with a specific component designed to collect reports of activities worthy of recognition. Encouraging and acknowledging random acts of kindness or those who go the extra mile to be good campus citizens can result in positive and contagious behavior in others. The involved campus is inherently safer, achieving everyone's goal.

The StaySAFER Network has many features focused in the following four key areas that, historically, have proven to be necessary for safety success.

  • INTELLIGENCE: Effectively gather, process and respond to information and intelligence of unusual, unethical or suspicious activities, locations, individuals, and vehicles. The StaySAFER Network serves as a single collection point for intelligence from teachers, students, parents, counselors, administrative staff, vendors, citizens and so on. Further, StaySAFER facilitates the process from collection to resolution to make sure no report is overlooked. More information here.

  • PEOPLE: Dynamically recruit, screen, and accept people who need to know now; who need to prevent before; who need to act after; who are trained to help during. More information here.

  • COMMUNICATIONS: 24/7 communications to individuals and groups or everyone before, during and after emergency situations. More information here.

  • STUFF: Universal, secure access to the files, equipment and other resources necessary to prevent, to respond or to mitigate any man-made or natural disasters that do happen. More information here.

The StaySAFER Network is a force-multiplier that is delivered as a fast, easy and affordable solution to maximize the value of your existing personnel and resources. The StaySAFER Network leverages technology to support and facilitate your safety goals. Request a quote or more information here.

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